Top 10 Pregnancy Scares

Every pregnant mother will desperately want everything to go perfectly well during pregnancy. Therefore worrying about the downside of pregnancy is totally expected. You may find yourself thinking about these top 10 pregnancy scares, you’re not alone!

Top 10 Pregnancy Scares

Top 10 Pregnancy Scares

Before reading on, remember to consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns regarding you or your baby’s health. Every case is unique, and you need a professional’s diagnosis after a series of examinations.

  1. Miscarriages

Miscarriages often happen when there is a chromosomal abnormality that inhibits the fetus from developing normally. This is however not your fault as a mother; it is not as a result of something you did or didn’t do, it cannot be avoided. Here are some facts about miscarriages that will lessen your worry:

  • 80% of pregnancies result in healthy babies.
  • After 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the risk of having a miscarriage will have reduced significantly by 5%.
  • You can lower the chances of having a miscarriage by quitting smoking and not drinking alcohol. It is also advisable to cut back on your intake of caffeine.
  1. Harming the baby by Eating Wrong

The question “Is it safe to eat this?” is quite common among expectant women. This is because when you are pregnant, you tend to worry about every little bite you have for fear of harming the baby. During your first prenatal visit, your doctor should guide you on what is good for your baby and what is not. However, following this to the letter can be quite an uphill task. If you accidentally ingest something that was on the no-no list, do not panic.

The dangers caused by these foods are often very small; the doctor needs you not to eat foods such as unpasteurized cheese not because the risks are big but because they are doing what they do best, take precautions. Don’t forget to read my article about post-pregnancy diet tips!

  1. Birth Defects

All pregnant women have crossed fingers during every prenatal visit in fear of having a baby with birth defects. Well here are some truths that will ease your tension:

  • The possibility of your baby having abnormalities is 4 percent.
  • If an ultrasound shows that your baby has some defects, it does not necessarily mean there is something to worry about. More often than not, subsequent tests show that your baby is perfectly okay.
  • You can shield your baby from birth defects by taking multivitamins with folic acid before pregnancy. Also, you could take prenatal vitamins on a daily basis to prevent brain and spinal abnormalities.
  1. Premature Births

This is on the radar of multiple expecting women as premature births have increased significantly. However, more than 70 percent of babies are born at 34 or 36 weeks; at this time, the odds of a baby suffering from serious complications and developmental problems are at zero or rather much lower.

  1. Pregnancy Complications

Most women are scared of developing complications such as preeclampsia. Worrying about these complications is not being petty; as they are quite serious and can lead to loss of a child. However, you do not need to obsess on this fear because the possibility of suffering from preeclampsia during pregnancy is between 5 percent and 8 percent, it is also quite common in expectant women under 18 years and above 35 years.

  1. Post-baby Sex Life

After natural delivery, it is possible for any mom to think sex will never be the same again. You may look quite different down there but it is just a matter of time before everything goes back to normal; so just be patient. Your body will recover and also your libido will have an upward trend overtime.

It may be quite uncomfortable in the beginning but the human body is wired in a way that it eventually snaps back to the way it used to be. In a few months’ time you will enjoy sex like never before.

  1. Labor Pain

Will it be too painful? Will I make it through? These questions run in every pregnant woman’s mind. First look at all the women in your family or rather lineage who have gone through the birth and delivery process. These should reassure you that you will also be okay.

The pain is often described as jaw-grinding but we are in the 21st century where so much can be done about the pain so you do not have to lose sleep over this matter. A full body pillow is something that can help you manage the pain during your 3rd trimester where your belly is at it’s peak.

  1. Emergency C-section

A C-section can be due to a number of factors. For example, a breech baby, a baby being too big, placenta issues or even if the mom has had previous C-sections. Emergency C-sections are however quite rare as most are usually planned ahead of time. In any case if it happens to you, the doctors in the hospital are competent enough and you will definitely be okay.

  1. Fear of being a Bad Mom

Most moms worry about being able to balance their career, love life and motherhood. However, women are nurturing in nature meaning you are naturally capable of loving and bringing up a baby in the best possible way.

  1. Embarrassing Moments in the Delivery Room

You must have heard of stories where a woman hurls insults at the husband while at the delivery room, some even poop on the delivery table. This should tell you that the doctors have seen it all; in fact during delivery, this will be the least of your worries.

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