13 Maternity Styling Tips You Need To Know!

The term maternity wear may sound horrifying to most pregnant women even the trendiest of them all. However, it is never that bad; your ever changing body is not a prerequisite to give up on fashion.  In the market today, we have lots of cute pregnancy outfits that will help you flaunt your bump.

Here are 13 tips to having a functional wardrobe that makes you feel super sexy during your pregnant days.

styling tips for mothers

  1. Dress your body the right way.

Every woman, pregnant or not, has a different shape. To ensure you dress your shape, you may need to try out a lot of clad until you can find one that looks good on you. You will realize that the clothes that looked great on your bestie when she was pregnant may not look great on you.

  1. Get a nice midi-length pencil skirt.

This is an outfit that will make all preggers not only feel cute but also pulled together. It accentuates your bump and your newly acquired curves making you the hottest pregnant mama in town. You can either wear it with a tucked in top or a crop top.

  1. Be colorful.

Most pregnant women prefer dark colors such as black to bright colors as they make them look taller and slimmer. The splash of color will flatter your body and make you happier than when you wear an all-black outfit.

  1. Accessorize your look.

This adds some dimension and flare to your look. Adding some fashion statement jewellery to your look will make you look like you are worth a million bucks. If you are budget conscious, you could accessorize your look with a nice big handbag that could later be used as a diaper bag.

  1. Get a bra that fits right.

During pregnancy, your boobs grow bigger and this creates the need to buy new bras to support them. A good bra should have more hooks than those found in normal bras to allow you to adjust the band size. The straps should also be easy to adjust; this makes them ideal for lactating mothers.

You need to regularly update your knickers and bras so as they can give you the necessary support and flatter your curves.

  1. Invest in nice pairs of stretchy comfortable pants or leggings.

Every pregnant woman should have this in their wardrobe; they are some of the basics that are worth investing in. These kind of outfit shows off your nice curves and ensures your comfort. When buying this ensure that they have an expandable waistline.

Couple this with a pregnancy pillow at night and you will feel as comfortable as a pregnant lady can be.

  1. Flowy maxi dresses.

If you want to be a yummy mummy to be, a maxi dress is the way to go. Get a flowy dress that hugs you in all the right places to bring out the trendy goddess in you. You can wear your maxi dress with heels, wedges or flats. If you want to cover up your arms, put on a jacket or sweater for a classic look.

Motherhood Maternity has a wide array of cute dresses for you to choose from!

  1. Hair and makeup.

Stylish hair and makeup is a great way to complete the already fabulous look. As celeb baby mamas have shown us as they pose for photos on the red carpet, this is worth a try.

  1. Button up tops.

Has your bust suddenly blown up? Is it hard to find a top in your wardrobe that fits your bump? Then this should be your go to. It can be worn with pants while untucked or with a figure hugging high waist skirt.

  1. Rock flats and wedges.

During the last trimester, your feet swell and the ever growing bump makes your centre of balance shift. All these make high stilettos a No! No! This should not spell doom for all your fashionista attempts; you can still rock some super comfortable ballet leather flats in different colors of your choice.

Alternatively, you can try rock a nice pair of wedges if you are a die-hard lover of high heels.

  1. Reward yourself.

Watching your trousers’ zip bust open thanks to the weight gain all comes down to telling us that carrying a baby to term is no easy task. This is why you need to occasionally pamper yourself to restore your energy and boost your confidence.

Go get a facial, manicure or pedicure from a beautician, have a friend paint your tootsies, or even better go for a massage. This will ensure that you will remain relaxed while you’re pregnant and help you avoid having trouble sleeping at night.

  1. Go for one size up.

This is a tip that favors those that are on a budget. Buying clothes that are one size up, allows you to wear them during and after pregnancy.

  1. Avoid wearing clothes with busy prints.

Busy prints make you appear bigger than you are in actual sense. Clothes with subtle prints do not draw too much attention to your bump.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on step closer to those gorgeous pregnant ladies you see on maternity labels.

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