Managing Your House While Pregnant

Anxiety, excitement, and aches combine to make a long nine months while you are pregnant. Furthermore, one of the hardest things to deal with during this time that isn’t usually discussed is managing a house while pregnant. During the first trimester, morning sickness and overwhelming bouts of sleepiness make accomplishing anything difficult.

The second trimester is easier, but then the third trimester can make even getting out of bed a real task. When you have other children running around, you can’t stop cooking and cleaning. They are necessary tasks to ensure your house runs smoothly. Plus, if your kids eat like horses like many do; cooking and making snacks never truly ends.

Here are some tips that will can and should help keep your house in order during those long ( but short ) nine months.

7 Tips To Managing Your House During Pregnancy

  1. One Major Task per Day: Even when you’re not pregnant, you should still have a set cleaning schedule that helps you manage your family. Even if you don’t have time to clean everything, every single day. Instead, assign an important task to each day to ensure it gets finished.For example, Monday is the day I mop my kitchen, even though I give it a quick sweep each day. On Tuesdays, I thoroughly scrub my bathroom. Then, my daily task just requires me to do a wipe down that takes a minute, at most.
  1. Assign Laundry Days: Just like your cleaning tasks, I assign laundry days for each kind of clothing. With five people in my house, laundry needs to be done each day. I have a goal of two loads per day, but three is excellent if I can achieve it. On Tuesdays, I wash sheets and a load of darks. On Thursdays, I wash towels and lights. You can make it however you want, but set days ensures everything gets done on a frequent basis.
  1. Loop Schedule Other Tasks: There are some tasks you don’t want to daily, but don’t want to put on the weekly task list. I put these on a loop schedule. How does a loop schedule work? I make a list, and I work my way through the list as I can. I don’t need to sweep out the couch weekly, but it is great if I can. I don’t need to dust weekly, but it is great if I can.On the good days, I can do two or three of my loop tasks. On a bad day, I may finish none. It doesn’t matter if it takes a week or two to get through the tasks. Then, I just simply loop back and start at the beginning again.
  1. Put the Kids to Work: In some days during pregnancy, it is hard to get off the couch. Having the set task and a list of five things that need to be done each day means you only have to clean for a few minutes each day. Those few minutes can feel and seem like an eternity.On these days, you can set your older kids to work. They are more than capable of finishing certain tasks. It is important to remember to set your expectations lower and praise them for any help they provide.

    A six year old can definitely wash dishes, switch laundry, and sweep the kitchen. They can also wipe down the bathroom, run the vacuum and help with laundry. Try and work with your kids all the time on certain chores.

    They should be required to clean their rooms and make their beds every day. Your children should learn from an early age to help out around the house and help you especially when you are pregnant.

  1. Have a Snack Drawer: Children go through hungry days and starvation days. There are days when you could be begging them to eat and days when you can barely keep up with their appetite. Having a snack drawer to keep filled with portioned snacks is a great idea because of this.On those days when being tired is overwhelming, simply encourage them to eat from the drawer. The drawer keeps them filled up, and you can ensure that they are eating healthier foods by managing what snacks go inside. Some examples to keep in the drawer are yogurt, celery and carrot sticks, raisins, crackers, juice boxes, grapes, and apples.
  1. Take Help When Offered: People love to offer to help, especially if they know you are struggling with morning sickness. It can be hard to put our pride aside and admit that we need help. During pregnancy, it isn’t a good idea to over-stress our bodies. We have to listen to our body and know if we are pushing ourselves too far. If your mother or aunt offers to come over and clean your kitchen, graciously accept the offer. They only offer because they love you and want to help.
  1. Remember it is Just a Season: Nine months sounds like a long time, but it will fly by in a flash. Accept that this is just a season. There may be days when you don’t get anything accomplished, leaving you feeling like a failure. You aren’t! You are growing a human, which requires a lot of energy. Tomorrow may be better. Your partner is there to support you during the hard times. Before you know it, the baby will be here and in your arms.managing a house while pregnant

These 7 almost magical tips can really go a long way to assist you in keeping your house in order while you are going through your pregnancy. Not all of them may apply to every woman of course, but take the ones that are possible and just ride with them. Just remember to relax, by doing yoga for example, and try to enjoy your time during pregnancy as it will go a long way in maintaining your sanity.

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