How To Keep Your Baby Warm: Five Ways To Do It

Whether your baby is a newborn or he’s a few months old, it is essential that you as his parent keep his body temperature under control. Blankets are quite traditional, but one of the most effective ways of keeping your child warm under the various climate changes. It’s a fact that a baby doesn’t have to face everyday problems such as providing for a family and paying bills to name a few.

However, they do have their own little problems such as wet diapers, getting hungry or just feeling uncomfortable. Having a blanket can serve as a good distraction at times and also provide a sense of security in his little mind.

Given that they are still very young, they are not yet equipped with the internal resources to properly regulate their own temperature, baby blankets do play a vital role. So with that said, here are a few tips on how to keep your little bundle of joy warm and snug.

Regulate Room Temperature

During chilly conditions, it’s usually quite rare that you find a baby room needing heat. However, it can happen and if the situation demands a bit more heat, then you must be able to make the necessary changes. The temperature in a baby’s room should be between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius with 18 degrees being the optimum.

In other words, the temperature should be good enough to accommodate a lightly-clothed adult. Also ensure that you have a room thermometer available on hand, so you can readily check and adjust the temperature if required. It is also crucial that he doesn’t get too warm as this can lead to his body overheating which may lead to him getting squirmy and very uncomfortable. So keep him away from direct sunlight, and things such as radiators and electric blankets. They may do more harm than good.

Get Swaddling Blankets

There are lots of people who say they don’t swaddle their babies because of various reasons like: She cries when you try to her, He pops out of the swaddle so it’s useless or wanting her to learn how to get her hands to her mouth in order to self-soothe. It is all bunk. Your baby should be swaddled. It’s all about how you attempt to do it.

swaddle blanket for baby

Swaddle blanket are easy to use and keep your baby warm.

Having these blankets handy is another important tip to keep your little one cozy. This type of baby blanket will allow him to sleep on his back comfortably while at the same time, keeping his body heat at a safe and constant temperature.  You can purchase these blankets in various baby stores or get creative and use a light, square blanket to make your own.

Dress Him with Thick Layers For Outdoor Traveling

Sometimes you make plans to head out with your baby and you will need to get a head-start especially if you’re dealing with chilly weather. That includes getting him awake, feeding him and also getting yourself ready. Let’s face it, there’s also the chance that he may start to get a bit fussy when you try to put on his third layer of clothes.

An unwritten code which many parents go by, is that you must dress your baby one layer thicker than how you dress yourself. This is the rule to live by because the temperature differs depending on where you live, so look at how you dress yourself and one up it for your baby.

Pack away any other necessary clothes in his carry-on bag just in case you may need it. A snowsuit that has form-fitting arms and legs is a good choice for baby dressing in cold weather. Also ensure that whenever you get back inside you immediately remove his hat and the extra layers of clothing.

Check His Body Temperature Regularly

Babies normally don’t know how to control their body temperature until they get to the age of two years old. So in the period prior to that, you as a parent will have to be on the alert to make sure that he is not too warm and not too chilly. Having a baby thermometer in his room is one suggestion, but if there happens to be an instance where you don’t have one, feel the skin on his stomach.

That part of the body gives a more accurate reading compared to when you feel his hands or feet, seeing those are relatively cold for most of the time. Add or remove a blanket where necessary or hold him against your skin to warm him up.

Look into a Sleep Sack

As babies get older, eventually some of them will get tired and genuinely annoyed of being swaddled. However, a solution for that has already been developed called the Sleep Sack. It’s a thick body suit made from soft materials (usually cotton) with sleeves available for his arms and legs, so he will be able to keep warm and still have some amount freedom so to speak, so he can wriggle around if he so chooses.