Important Prenatal Vitamins For A Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant is often complicated because different things will change with women’s bodies. At the same time, there are also some things that would change such as the amount of vitamins and minerals that women need.

It is normal that people will get vitamins and minerals from the food that they consume, however for women that are pregnant, eating the right foods is not enough to supply you with all the required nutrients. Pregnant women therefore need to take their prenatal vitamins, and they should begin consuming them in the first trimester.

It is important to remember that supplements are not supposed to take the place of food products. Rather, supplements are supposed to just increase the amount of vitamins that women need. This will ensure that women who are pregnant will receive an adequate number of vitamins as well as other nutrients that are necessary.

Vitamins Needed During Pregnancy

Here are some of the vitamins that pregnant women need to have:

  • Vitamin D: This is required to ensure that babies will be born healthy and with strong bones and immune system. Vitamin D is not only beneficial for babies; they can be helpful for mothers too.
  • Vitamin E: This is the vitamin needed by pregnant women to increase the number of red blood cells and at the same time, help babies’ muscles develop.
  • Vitamin C: This is a type of vitamin that is well known for its many benefits. This is another anti-oxidant that can help the body absorb more iron. Having enough vitamin C can also increase the strength of babies’ immune system.
  • Vitamin A: This is the type of vitamin needed that will ensure that babies will have stronger teeth and stronger bones.

Aside from these vitamins, there are still other nutrients and minerals that are required by pregnant women. Getting to know what these nutrients and minerals are can be extremely helpful. Of course, aside from vitamins, there are also other nutrients that are needed by the body so that pregnant women can be healthy and at the same time, their babies can be healthy as well. For those who are wondering what the other essential nutrients that are needed are, here are just a few that are needed by pregnant women everywhere:

prenatal vitamins

  • Thiamine: This is the right nutrient needed by pregnant women to improve their nervous system. At the same time, this can also increase people’s energy levels.
  • Calcium: It is quite evident that calcium is something that is needed by a lot of people. Not only pregnant women can benefit from taking in calcium but for pregnant women, taking in calcium can help make bones and teeth stronger. This can also help in the function of nerves and muscles.
  • Iron: Iron is needed for blood. This is also needed by pregnant women because this can decrease the chances of giving birth to babies who are under the normal birth weight. At the same time, iron can also prevent anemia.
  • Zinc: This is the nutrients that are needed to let the body produce enough insulin and enzymes that are needed by the body to remain healthy.
  • Protein: While a lot of people who are into building muscles rely on protein to create bigger and stronger muscles, protein for pregnant women and their babies are needed to repair cells and at the same time, produce amino acids.

The vitamins and nutrients that are mentioned above are just some of the things that are needed here, but there may still be a lot more that pregnant women need. There are times when expectant mothers will be recommended with a special diet by their doctors because of the type of pregnancy that they have.

How to Get Enough Vitamins

Aside from the supplements that will be taken by pregnant women, there are some food products that will be able to provide the amount of vitamins needed by the body. For instance, eating different types of fish like salmon or mackerel contain Vitamin D. Other vegetables especially leafy greens can provide the various vitamins that are needed by the body. The intake of the right citrus fruits will help pregnant women get enough Vitamin C, but all the other vitamins need to be acquired with the use of supplements. The four main citrus fruits you want are:

  1. Orange.
  2. Kiwi.
  3. Sweet lime.
  4. Grapefruit.

Choosing the Right Supplements

Choosing the right supplements can be hard because many different ones are available. Pregnant women should opt to take supplements that are recommended by their doctors mainly because each situation is different and what you might need could be different from what another woman needs. Expecting mothers and their babies deserve to be healthy, and this can be done by having all the right amounts of prenatal vitamins and minerals in their systems. So to sum it all up, make sure that you keep track of your prenatal vitamins by including it in your pregnancy checklist and always notify your physician before taking or switching the dosage up.

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