Do’s And Don’ts When Trying To Conceive

What to do to get pregnant may sound like an obvious question to many of you but the truth is that a big percentage of couples experience some hitches when trying to conceive. This should not scare you though, there are multiple things you can do and avoid to get you bumping fast.

Being knowledgeable is very important, and now that you got the myths debunked, let’s move on to more actionable steps that you can take daily to reach your goal of getting pregnant.

Do's & Dont's When Trying to Conceive

DO The Following

  • Have sex while in your ‘fertile window’.

Knowing your cycle is of prime importance when you are trying to conceive. The optimal time to conceive is during the days when you are almost ovulating. Having sexual intercourse during this time increases your chances of making a baby.

Pay close attention to how your body functions; you may not know when you are about to ovulate if you have an irregular cycle but basically when a woman is in her fertile window, her cervical mucus is clear and stretchy. Sex during such a time will most likely lead to pregnancy.

  • Keep track of changes in your basal body temperature.

During the days leading up to ovulation, a woman’s basal body temperature rises. You can simply track your basal body temperature by use of a thermometer. Check your temperature first thing in the morning and chart it. The temperature before ovulation should be between 97.2 and 97.7 degrees.

After ovulation, your hormones causes it to rise by 0.4 to 1.0 degree.

  • Begin taking prenatal vitamins.

Prenatal vitamins loaded with folic acid are a yes! yes! When you are trying to conceive. These vitamins shield you from birth defects like spina bifida. Also worth noting is that these prenatal vitamins work best during the earliest stages of pregnancy.

  • Adopt stress relief mechanisms.

In the natural you will be stressed when trying to conceive especially if you and your significant other have been trying for long. However, anything that stresses you out should be avoided like a plague during this period as it hampers ovulation and the conception process in general.

Find healthy stress relief mechanisms that work for you and engage actively. This should get your mind off the stressing stuff and give you a positive result.

  • Hit the gym.

Exercise will not only help you stay in shape but also increases your odds of conceiving. Yoga is a great idea in this scenario as it both exercises you physically and mentally.

Furthermore, ensure that you are neither underweight nor overweight as this can be a hindrance to conception. Also, eat foods with high nutritional value such as fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid munching on sugary foodstuff.

And lastly, do not over exercise because all you get from this is a fatigued body; You do not need that when trying to get pregnant.

  • Try positions ideal for conception.

Out of the multiple sexual positions that exist, some are deemed to be more suitable for couples trying to conceive than others. This increases your chances of conceiving and spices up your sex life; it is definitely worth a try.


DON’T Do The Following

  • Move around immediately after sex.

To increase your chances of getting pregnant, do not start moving around immediately after you have had sex; wait for 5 to10 minutes before being up and about. This gives the sperm more time to swim up the birth canal without being opposed by gravity.

  • Fail to check the lubricant labels.

When purchasing lubricants, read the labels. Avoid water- based lubricants as they have a high likelihood of significantly reducing the sperm’s motility. You also need to look out for spermicide which is contained in most lubricants in the market today.

  • Fail to see the OB/GYN.

Prior to the beginning of your conception process, the involvement of your doctor is highly recommended. The OB/GYN has all the relevant information you may need during this process. It is therefore very wise share any concerns or worries you may have pertaining to your health or family history.

  • Make sex an obligation.

Trying to be pregnant to many couples may sound like the cue to having sex every now and then. However, that is not true. This will only make your sex life more boring; it ceases to be a fun, intimate activity. Over time it begins to feel as though it is an obligation.

This will subconsciously begin to stress you out and eventually inhibit you from getting pregnant. It is however highly advised that you have as much sex as you can during your prime time; when you are about to ovulate.

  • Blame yourself.

Sometimes conception does not come easy. This is bound to make you feel low at some point and in some cases even blame yourself or your partner. Share your fears with your partner you might be surprised that they feel the same way. Constant reassurance from each other goes a long way to comfort your partner.

Regardless of how long you have been trying to get pregnant, remember you are in this journey together and the best you can do is be each other’s source of encouragement.

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