Baby Girl Gifts – Six Best Choices For Every Occasion!

Whether you are searching for which gifts to get for the baby shower, her first birthday party, or even for the holidays, you may run into quite a conundrum on which one to choose. Baby girl gifts can be pretty difficult to select, so today I will be helping you with finding and choosing the right one. With that said, my ultimate goal is that by the end of this article you will have chosen the perfect gift for any and every occasion you need.

Before we begin, let me preface by saying that I love shopping for my children and my friends’/family member’s babies and am always overwhelmed by all the things that are out there. I know some of you are the complete opposite of that and need some help figuring out what to get, so I will make this list as simple as possible by recommending the occasion as well for each individual gift to be purchased for.

That should make it more conducive to each one of you and the person you are buying it for (for example, I will advise you in which gift is great for family members and which is better for people you don’t know that well). This is based on my own personal motherly experience and I am actually known to give the most heartfelt and beloved gifts (Or at least that’s what they tell me!). Now that we have that cleared up, let’s begin!

Top 6 Cute and Fun Baby Gifts for Girls


Gift #6: Plush Snuggle Dolls

Pink plush snuggle doll

Why Plush Snuggle Dolls?

Plush snuggle dolls, also serving a double purpose as pillows, are so cute and comfortable for the baby. For babies close to 12 months and older, this is a great gift for them to hold onto and play with. It has also been proven that these types of dolls actually do soothe and have a positive effect on the baby, so I definitely recommend this gift as a low cost and long lasting one. Some general advice when purchasing this gift is to make sure that there are no removable buttons or parts that can be chewed on be choking hazards for the baby. This is very easy to see however so it should never be a problem distinguishing which one is safe and which one isn’t. Also, a super soft fabric like polyester or even satin is perfect for this gift. This is a Sugar N Spice doll I really like and have bought before.

Recommended for: Birthdays and Holidays


Gift #5: Baby Clothes

Cute clothes for babies

Why Baby Clothes?

Clothes have and always will be not just a great but also a safe gift. They are easy to find, and there is a lot to choose from. If you do not know the parents of the child well enough, than this could be the ideal gift to get. Why? Because babies are constantly growing and running through clothes gets expensive and tedious. Furthermore, toddlers are always getting messy and dirty in one way or another so parents need a large surplus of clothes to cycle through or else they are always washing and drying, trust me on this! Cute 1 piece clothes are and always will be needed and appreciated so take advantage of this as a potential gift idea.

Recommended for: Baby Shower, Birthday, and Holidays.

Gift #4: Baby Girl Nursery Art Prints:

Pink monkey baby room canvas

Why Nursery Art?

When parents prepare to have a baby, they start getting that nursery ready ahead of time and they are excited to decorate and customize it so that their newborn baby can be in a pleasant and calm sleeping environment. Nursery art is something that is absolutely necessary in a room and is constantly being missed as a potential gift prospect. The truth is that it is an incredibly smart gift idea and not just the parents will love it, but also the baby as well! The trick here is to get something colorful and cute, in particular something that will be sure to impress. There are many art pieces out there, but a canvas painting is one that I always recommend. For example, I absolutely love the canvas art by Carter as a potential present.

Recommended for: Birthdays and Holidays.


Gift #3: Baby Girl Gift Basket

Gift basket for baby girls

Why a Gift Basket?

A gift basket is an all inclusive present that is ideal to get right after the baby is born and you visit the mother at the hospital. It has many essentials inside, like cute bibs, tiny hats and shoes, a couple of pillows, and usually a teddy bear. It makes for a great and thoughtful gift whether you are close to the mother or just a friend. Here are a few that you can choose from and they are the best ones in my opinion, so have a look around there in advance and schedule it so that it arrives on time.

Recommended for: Hospital visit or congratulatory gifts


#2: Baby Pack N Play Playard

Pack N Play Playard

Why a Pack N Play Playard?

A Pack N Play is a wonderful gift that is in my opinion a mandatory thing to have if you are the parents. The problem is that a lot of parents still don’t have one and they are missing out on a lot. The baby can play inside, take a nap, or just be safely put down to clean the house without having to worry. I love the ones by Graco because they come with a newborn napper, so they are great for infants all the way to toddlers. If you are sure that the parents do not have a playard, than this is the first option that you should choose to get them as a gift. The baby will be elated!

Recommended for: Baby Showers, holidays and birthdays


Gift #1: Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized pillow for babies

Why Personalize your Gifts?

Personalized gifts are the most thoughtful as they require you to input your own twist and make it special and unique. Once i discovered these types of gifts I really never went back and they are my go to choices for people that I care about. There are many things you can choose to personalize, from picture frames, bibs, shirts, teddy bears, and much more. You can input a cute little message from the heart and even embed a picture of the baby if you have one. Personalizationmall is the king of this and they have many great options to choose from for virtually any person and any occasion. Try it, I guarantee the parents will love it!

Recommended for:  Any and Every occasion

That sums up my list of unique baby girl gifts for pretty much ever occasion. I hope that you have now found and decided on a gift to get that special little girl! If you are looking for a baby boy gift instead, I have some great recommendations for that as well. Let me know how the parents responded when you bought one of the gifts and if you have any suggestions feel free to contact me.