Baby Boy Gifts: Five Best To Buy For Any Occasion

You’ve probably been in a situation where it is the first time you’re about to see your best friend’s newborn boy, or perhaps it is your nephew’s first birthday party and you’re struggling to find that perfect gift… right? Well if you think shopping for a baby girl is hard, doing so for a baby boy can be extremely frustrating. After all, it’s not like they are older and have developed hobbies or interests that you can use as a guide to find the right present.

Do not worry though, I have been in this situation more than enough times throughout the years and I have actually figured out the best baby boy gifts to buy, regardless of the occasion! I will not only show you a list of my top 5 picks below but I will also suggest just which occasion that gift would fit most favorably in. Your shopping woes for that special baby will be over today so here we go!

Five perfect gift ideas for baby boys:


#5: Knitted Baby Boy Shoes

Blue baby boy shoes

If you know how to knit than this is an ideal and cost efficient gift for you. Like most of us however, if you don’t know crochet nor have the time to learn, there are various places from which you can buy a cute pair of baby boy shoes. They are not just comfortable for newborns, but they are also recommended by many doctors as they do not obstruct the toddler’s while they are growing. Furthermore, this makes a great gift regardless of the relationship you have with the parents of the baby; whether you are very close to them or not at all.

Recommended for: Any occasion.

#4: Cute Baby Boy Clothes:

I also listed this as the #4 choice in my top 5 picks for baby girls and for basically the same reason: Newborns need a lot of clothes from infancy to toddler age and they outgrow their old ones rapidly. If you are a parent you will know  just how many clothes you had gone through for your baby throughout infancy. This is a safe haven gift so if you really don’t want to get risky with your choices, buy a couple of clothes instead. The great thing about this gift idea is that you can be the best friend of the parents or an acquaintance and it would still make for a solid present. The above picture is by Gerber, and they have some incredible choices that I have personally gifted to my cousin’s first born before.

Recommended for: Any Occasion.

#3: Baby Boy Nursery Art and Decor:

tree canvas for baby rooms

Nursery art is something that is growing in popularity because of the fact that it is just too cute not to have. What way to decorate a nursery or babies room than with some art and decor for the wall? There are many different designs out there, but I prefer ones with either cute little animals or trees like the picture above. The one catch with this is that you have to be sure that the parents will have a nursery for the baby and there really is only one perfect occasion to get this gift; the baby shower. Aside from that, I would have to know the parents very well or they would have to be related to me before I buy nursery art.

Recommended for: Baby showers mostly

#2: A Play Mat:

Playmat for baby boys

You can’t go wrong with a play mat as a gift. Although this is for more tuned for babies that have just past infancy, this gift can be purchased for newborns and stored until they are older. These play mats are not just an adorable decoration for the babies play room, but they also keep them entertained for hours and hours. My own children all loved their play mats and they would calm down whenever we would let them play on it. You can get this for a friend, a family member, or a colleague and it would still make for a very thoughtful and appreciated gift. Keep in mind that most of these mats are very large and can also be utilized as a carpet for the nursery, which is something that many parents are currently doing. Also, they are hygienic and waterproof so those are two major things the parents wont have to worry about.

Recommended for: Birthday parties and Holidays

#1: A Pack N Play:

Playard for baby boys

Pack N play’s are pretty essential for parents of infants, regardless of gender. The babies can either take a nap inside or play safely with their toys while the mother is doing work around the house. The great thing about Pack N play’s is that they are very easy to assemble and they are portable so that you can easily take it to the grandparents house if the baby is staying the night. The reason why this is my #1 choice is because a lot of parents actually forget to buy one, and it is a shame because there are many very affordable ones that are great for the infants and even toddlers to just play or watch baby shows in. You can get this for a baby shower or for the holidays or the 1st birthday party if you know for a fact that the parents don’t already own one.

Recommended for: Any occasion ( As long as they don’t have one already )

You see, there are plenty of unique baby boy gifts that you can choose from! I enjoy shopping in general, so picking out the perfect gift for a baby boy has long been a goal of mine. I have given plenty of them before, and they are always used and enjoyed by the parents. Any of these five baby boy gifts will bring a smile to both the parents and the baby’s face so get to shopping! If you have any questions about any of the products I recommended above, you can feel free to contact me and let me know.