Announcing Pregnancy: How and When To Do It

The moment that you find out you are pregnant, there may be a rush of excitement or a hammer of fear depending on who you are. Regardless of how you feel, after that pregnancy test comes out as positive you will be faced with many difficult decisions. One of them can surely be very exciting, and that is having to break the news to your loved ones and friends. But how do you know who to tell and when to tell them?

It might be a good idea to wait a while before you spread the news, as early pregnancy loss may occur. This is the case for some couples out there and they wait at least 3 months before even thinking of telling anyone. This is because miscarriage rates drop significantly after the first trimester. Other couples don’t like keeping secrets so they tell anyone and everyone right away so even if early pregnancy loss does occur, they will have immediate support from family and friends. Here are some things to know before announcing your pregnancy to others.

Tell Only Those Who You Trust First

Regardless of what type of couple you are, the open or secretive one, you should never tell anyone that you don’t trust because they can just spread your news to others before you get a chance to. This definitely could make you look bad, and is not the way that others should find out about your pregnancy. You should be the one to tell everyone, not someone you tell.

Some other reasons why you should tell only those you trust first might include that you fear being repriced judged in a way that you are not fond with. Wait until you are comfortable spreading the news, and then you can start telling others that you don’t bestow all your trust in.Right time to announce your pregnancy.

When is the Right Time to Announce your Pregnancy

Some open up with the announcement only as their abdomen begin to grow. If you have other children, you do want to make sure that you tell them first before strangers recognize your pregnancy by the size of your belly. Is there a magic time to make the announcement to everyone however? No there isn’t, and every couple is different. The sole important aspect that you need to know is that you should come out with the news as soon as you feel that you are comfortable and at ease about your pregnancy.

Sometimes it can be difficult not to tell for a variety of reasons. Severe nausea and vomiting may make it fairly obvious that something is going on, as will multiple visits to the care providers. If you are intent on not telling everyone, then you need to watch your actions carefully, especially at work.

Pregnancy Announcing Ideas

How do you tell someone you are pregnant? Well, that really depends on who that someone is. With the rise in popularity of the home pregnancy test, the partner is usually around when you are taking the test and will know the results as soon as you do. They may even know first if you send them in the bathroom to read an decipher the test. Others will not be around and you will want to tell them in a special way. Here are a few ideas that you can use or spin in your own way:

  1. Bring out the balloons! Buy a blue and a pink one and have them put two and two together.
  2. A pregnancy announcement card might be a great and safe idea.
  3. Be sneaky and leave a baby name book or browser tab inside your house.
  4. Hint at the possibility that you are pregnant during your conversations.
  5. Ask to watch any pregnancy documentaries or movies during movie night.
  6. Leave your pregnancy test apparatus inside a ziploc bag and on the kitchen counter.

Any way you tell them it is sure to be a moment that they will remember forever. Announcing your pregnancy to your parents can be more difficult than when you say it to your friends, and many women can vouch for that. The best thing to do if you fear telling your parents is to just be honest from the beginning, as that will alleviate the situation from the start. If you are excited to tell them, you can twist one of the ideas above and and make them figure it out on their own. It will be much more fun for them that way.

The bottom line here is to remember that you should tell people only when you and your partner feel comfortable in sharing the news. Announcing that you are pregnant can definitely be a very difficult or very exciting time in your life, but do make the most of it and accept your new chapter of being pregnant and becoming a parent.